Trademark registration is a crucial part of any business setup in any part of the UAE, including Dubai. Despite this, many entrepreneurs forget or overlook the vital aspect of trademark registration in Dubai. This may lead to some major ramifications later on. This article will discuss in detail about trademark register in Dubai, how important Dubai trademark registration is, and how to go about registering your trademark or brand in Dubai. What is a trademark as defined by UAE law? With the UAE occupying a prime position as a global business hub, the government needs to implement measures that protect and secure the businesses’ best interests. Thus, the existence of laws on trademark and intellectual property. UAE Trademark Law defines trademark Article 2 of Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks as anything that has a distinguishing/recognizable form such as names, phrases, signatures, letters, figures, illustrations, logos, titles, hallmarks, seals, photographs, engravings, advertisements, packs, or any other mark or collection of marks, whether used or intended to be used either to differentiate goods, items, or services regardless of their source or to signify that the goods or Why is trademark registration in Dubai important? Trademark registration in the UAE and Dubai is important because
  • It protects your brand by preventing others from using your trademark.
  • You have the right to sue anyone in the UAE who copies your trademark or uses it without your permission.
  • In exchange for a licensing fee, you can grant another person permission to use your trademark (e.g., franchising opportunities)
  • It can help you grow your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • A registered trademark with goodwill can significantly increase the resale value of your business.
products belong to the trade mark’s owner due to its production, segregation, distribution, or provision of a service. The voice is also considered as part of the trademark if it accompanies it.
Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration
Benefits of Trademark Registration in Dubai Trademark registration and  brand name registration in Dubai can benefit a company, particularly those entrepreneurs for who Dubai is a foreign country. The major benefits of Dubai trademark registration are listed below: Sense of security When you register your trademark in Dubai either directly or with the help of a trademark consultancy  you can rest assured that no other company will be allowed to use your registered trademark without your permission. Anyone who acts illegally will face the consequences. This means that the owner of a registered trademark will have sole ownership of that trademark. It also means you can file a complaint against anyone who mistreats your trademark/brand/name or infringes it. Brand value A brand that has a registered trademark is more visible to potential customers. A trademarked brand can make its presence more felt in the industry too. When a brand is registered, its authenticity and originality are enhanced. Also, it will distinguish itself from other rival companies. Improves credibility Having a registered trademark adds credibility to a brand. Once a trademark is registered, a reputation is established, and every product is dependent on it. Having trademark and brand registration in Dubai says a lot about the business’s credibility. As a result, it attracts customers because it can stand out and be recognized for its authenticity. A registered trademark communicates a company’s sincerity as a valued supplier of specific products and services. Expansion possibilities A trademark built on good quality and service can be leveraged successfully. As a result, a company may choose to expand its product into another related line of business. A devoted following of customers would undoubtedly support the expansion of a genuine brand to another. Asset value A trademark’s value can increase over time. A good reputation and consumer following can boost this even more. A trademarked brand can be a valuable asset to a business. Businesses can use a trademark in this manner to secure a loan from financial institutions, banks, lenders, or others. How to register your trademark in Dubai The Ministry of Economy regulates and registers all trademarks, patents, and copyrights in the UAE. The procedure for registering a trademark in the UAE is as follows:
  1. Trademark search – The Trademark Registry’s trademark search can help you determine whether anyone else has prior rights to your proposed trademark. This essentially assists you in determining whether your application has a chance of success. This step is highly recommended before filing any trademark registration in Dubai.
  2. Trademark filing – Following a successful trademark search, an application for trademark registration can be submitted to the trademark registry, along with the appropriate trademark class and other necessary documents.
  3. Publish in trademark journal – The trademark under registration will be advertised in the Ministry of Economy’s official trademark journals once the application is submitted. Applicants will then have a 30-day deadline to pay the Ministry’s publication fees, after which the trademark application will lapse.
  4. Publish in two Arabic newspapers – The trademark must also be published in two local Arabic newspapers. Within 30 days of the publication date, any interested party may file a notice of opposition to the registered trademark. If there are no objections after the publication, the registration process will begin.
  5. Registration fee payment – If no opposition is registered within the time limit specified above, the trademark can be registered by paying the registration fee and receiving a certificate of registration. Once registered, a trademark is valid for ten years and can be renewed for another ten years. 

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