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Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE

Domestic servants or maids are crucial members of many households. In addition to caring for the home and children, they undertake various critical household activities and are sometimes regarded as honorary family members. So why could you need a maid visa in Dubai, UAE?

When employing a maid or other domestic household employees, confirming that you have the required papers for residence and foreign affairs is essential. For example, domestic and home employees need a maid’s passport. While filing for your maid visa in Dubai, UAE, it is also necessary to understand maid visa sponsorship, a stamped employment entrance permission, and the online medical request form.

This entails getting a maid visa that permits you to sponsor your maid or nanny when you move to Dubai. Applying for and obtaining a maid visa in Dubai, UAE may be daunting if the proper procedures are not followed.

This article will walk you through the process of acquiring a maid visa in Dubai, UAE (your maid’s passport), including the needed documentation, expenses, and eligibility requirements so that your maid in Dubai will be lawful under UAE domestic labor legislation.

A Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE What Is It?

A maid visa in Dubai, UAE is a visa that allows foreign domestic employees to remain in the UAE for the term of their contract.

A maid visa, also known as a domestic worker visa or a tadbeer visa, is part of the tadbeer programme. This government service strives to benefit both employees and employers in the UAE. The agency also seeks to ensure the domestic worker’s welfare.

The maid visa in Dubai, UAE is valid for two years, and the sponsor must renew it annually to retain the same maid engaged. The company must also terminate the visa after a certain period, often four years. Before reapplying for a new visa, the maid must depart the UAE for at least six months. Employers can only apply for a maid visa in Dubai, UAE if a contract has been created between the domestic worker and the employer.

Benefits of having a Maid visa in Dubai, UAE

Having a maid in Dubai has several advantages. It may drastically free up your time. If you have small children, a maid can assist with their care while you work or perform housework. Here are some reasons to consider applying for a nanny visa in Dubai.

  • Affordable: Employing a maid directly in Dubai would be prohibitively expensive due to the local minimum salary rates. Yet, if you recruit someone from one of the nations with a significantly lower minimum salary, you will receive more excellent value for your money.
  • Good Relationship: Having a good connection with your maid will be like having a family member around the house. This is particularly advantageous if you have small children since the maid will be able to develop a strong relationship with them. You can keep regularity in your domestic duties with a maid visa in Dubai, UAE
  • More time for work: If you have a full-time job, employing a maid might allow you to devote more time to your job and career. You won’t have to worry about arriving home to an untidy house or having to cook supper after a long day at work.
  • Legally Allowed: As long as you have the correct papers and filled out your visa application, hiring domestic employees in Dubai is lawful. This visa also permits you to sponsor your maid’s family, which is a plus.
  • Job Creation: By employing a maid, you create employment in Dubai. This is especially crucial during economic downturns when work is scarce.
  • Childcare: It might be overwhelming to care for a child. If you have small children, a maid may greatly assist in caring for them while you are abroad or at work.

Eligibility Requirements for the Dubai Maids Visa:

When hiring a maid or nanny from overseas, the worker and the employer must meet specific standards. Compliance with these regulations and qualifying criteria prevents undesirable situations for the maid, employer, and authority.

Eligibility for a Maid Visa for the Sponsor or Employer

When an employer or sponsor applies for a nanny visa in Dubai, the authority analyses many elements of the sponsor's financial stability, solvency, and residency.

When an employer or sponsor applies for a maid visa in Dubai, UAE the authority analyses many elements of the sponsor’s financial stability, solvency, and residency.

  • Residence: The sponsor for the home maid visa must have a valid UAE residence visa. Emirati nationals and foreigners with a Green visa or Business visa are eligible to apply for a maid visa in Dubai, UAE, provided they possess a valid residence permit for the duration of sponsorship.
  • Salary or income: The sponsor must offer evidence that their family is financially capable of employing a maid. The sponsor must fulfil the minimum monthly income criteria to be eligible.

The UAE government routinely examines the monthly income criterion, now 6,000 AED. If the employer receives housing from their job, the minimum income criterion is reduced to AED 5,000. The suggested monthly amount for both scenarios is 10,000 AED or higher.

  • Financial stability: Besides submitting proof of money, the sponsor must also present evidence of financial stability. Usually, they must be employed full-time by government organisations or reputable commercial firms.

Businesspeople may also apply if they can provide financial statements and transaction records from the past three to six months.

  • Accommodation: The sponsor must offer suitable lodging for the maid, which means they must have a separate room for the maid in their home. According to the government, your owned or rented residence must also contain at least two bedrooms.

Eligibility for the Maid

The maid you intend to hire must also meet specific qualifications. These are the prerequisites for a maid visa in Dubai, UAE

  • Countries of Citizenship: The authorities of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have inked MoU or memorandum of understanding contracts with the governments of a few nations. The MoUs are Government-to-Government, or G2G, agreements. A maid may only be hired if they are a citizen of one of those nations.
  • Minimum salary: G2G agreements with Dubai authorities define the minimum salary an employer must pay a maid. Depending on the maid’s nationality, the minimum income barrier differs.
  • Age: G2G agreements stipulate the maid’s age, which the employer must follow.

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