Company & Branch Formation

Company & Branch Formation

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The Dubai government is very keen and supportive in the development of a fast paced corporate structure in the emirate. Dubai provides favorable business opportunities of Company formation in Dubai for various types of business structures in their respective fields. Therefore, it is profitable to setup any type of company in Dubai as the government warmly welcomes entrepreneurs from all parts of world for this purpose. Starting a business in Dubai need a clear understanding on choosing the suitable business structure in Dubai so you need to understand, that what the best business structure in Dubai is as it could be Dubai mainland Company, Free Zone Company. Company Formation in Dubai has ever been so smooth and speedy with over a decade of its experience in the related field. Our professional business consultants are well aware of rules, regulations and procedures setting up business in Dubai and Free Zones.

Types of Company Formation in Dubai

Mainland Company

  • 100% Foreign Ownership (Professional Licenses)

  • 49% ownership, and majority profit sharing arrangement

  • No corporate taxation

  • Simple staff recruitment procedures

  • Business Friendly Environment

  • World Class Infrastructure

Freezone Company

  • 100% ownership of business ,no local national involvement required

  • 100% tax free

  • World Class Infrastructure of transport roads

  • Flexible bank account opening and maintaining

  • 3 years visas for investors, staff and family members

  • Warehouse and office facilities

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