E-Trade license

E-Trader license

E-trader license in Dubai was introduced by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to regulate the sales of online commodities sold via social media websites. This regulation helps to curb the sales of fake goods and commodities over social media. The licensing also serves as a confidence booster for the customers or buyers who engage in online purchases via various social media platforms. By getting an e-trader license in Dubai, you can engage in offering products or services for sale on social platforms. You can make your business through online platforms with proper security.

If you are planning to work from home using social media platforms and don’t want to hire an office, then an e-trader license in Dubai is the ideal solution to flourish your business. The Dubai e-trader license allows you to do online business in Dubai.

Who Should Apply for an E-trader License in Dubai?

  • The individuals and home-business endeavours who endorse and sell products online via websites or social media can apply for an E trader license.
  • *All online sales via a valid social media account require an E-trader license. This applies to mothers and house-wives who stay at home and engage in the sales of hand-made items, fashion apparels, jewellery, and other goods and services via various online platforms.
  • *E-trader license in Dubai is applicable for the home-business endeavours for whom office space requirement is not mandatory as Ejari documentation is irrelevant here.
  • *E-trader license is applicable for freelancers who offer various online services. A Home- based business owned by a single individual that does not necessitate a local partner can apply for an E trader license in Dubai.
  • *E trader license is applicable for sale of goods and commodities via E-commerce websites.
  • *It is mandatory for the license applicant to be either a UAE national or a GCC national. Other than UAE and GCC nationals, foreign expats of certain other nationalities are also allowed to apply for the license.
  • *The applicant should reside in Dubai and should satisfy the minimum age requirement of 21 to apply for the E trader license.

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