Flexi Desks

Flexi Desks in Dubai, UAE

Flexi desks, also known as hot desks or smart desks, give business owners dedicated spaces in corporate environments without needing entire offices or whole buildings.The business community in Dubai refers to Flexi Desk as a Smart Office or simply “Desk” facility. Flexi-desk in Dubai comprises a desk and a chair set up and the facility is provided for a business registered in a free zone jurisdiction. The Flexi desk facility is devoid of any cabin, wall or enclosure of any type. To make business setups even more affordable option a flexi desk for rent in Dubai. offers comfortable and relaxed co-working space in Dubai

What are the benefits of a flexi desk

  • Cost-effective option than renting an office space.
  • Flexi desks are a popular option for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to keep initial overheads low.
  • In certain scenarios, the business may take advantage of additional facilities like videoconferencing and meeting rooms.
  • Flexi desks are the most cost-effective choices for a business that is very particular about physical office space.

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