Business Setup & Development

Business Setup & Development

Business setup in Dubai is a dream for many entrepreneurs. This is due to the infinite opportunities that Dubai offers a business to grow and flourish. Dubai is the major happening city of the current times and is a great location for setting up a business. Dubai has a unique position or consideration in geopolitics. It is located in a strategic geographical location very close to the continents of Africa and Asia. Dubai serves as an international gateway that connects 3 major geographical locations – Asia, Africa and the Middle East – thanks to Dubai’s world-class air and water connectivity. Dubai International Airport enjoys the status of being the 3rd busiest Airport in the world. When it comes to modernization in cultural perspective, UAE has made a giant leap by inculcating and implementing women empowerment.


At PATELS Documents Clearing Services, our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of your growing business, helping set-up your business in Dubai.

Harnessing more than two decades of business-building experience, our unique ecosystem and flexible, cost-effective solutions offer companies large and small the freedom to expand across local, regional and global markets.

Our bespoke business set-up service packages are tailored to your business – from the highest level of personalised customer service, to dynamic, seamless procedures that focus on your specific requirements.

Where, How and Why

We offer business setup across the UAE, with a choice of Free Zone or Mainland. Each location and license has its own benefits, and as every business is unique, we recommend speaking to one of our business setup advisors, who will give you the full overview, and tailor your ideal setup plan.

PATELS will help you set a business in Dubai, meeting all your requirements and the UAE law. Both economic and political stability plays a vital role in the overall progress of any region or country. Dubai has a very professional approach to banking systems and industrial relations. 

One of the major prerequisites that every investor or entrepreneur should perform before investing is RESEARCH. The investor may opt for a Mainland company option or select from a list of Free zone regions. And this selection must be done based on the type of business.

To name a few, the world-class infrastructure, skilled workforce, active transportation, easy access to billions of people, urban amenities, cosmopolitan culture are some of the major reasons why investors start a business in Dubai

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