Tourism License

Tourism License

A valid Tourism License is required for the companies and establishments that operate in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai and UAE. As Dubai is a thriving tourist destination, the demand for Tourism License in Dubai is growing every year. 

Dubai is a perfect destination for investors to setup a tourism business As everyone knows that Dubai has undergone a massive change in various areas it has become one of the globally recognized hotspots all over the globe for its modern architecture, warm beaches, good climate, and a continuously evolving vacationing culture.Such factors become an important part of an investor’s decision-making when thinking about opening up a tourism business in Dubai as it will usher in a huge number of profits for the investors since the industry has become evergreen.

Tourism license Fee

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, DTCM Authority, announced a new regulation in mid-October 2018, removing the requirement for a bank guarantee of AED 100,000 – AED 200,000 for each operation such as inbound tour operator, outbound tour operator, and travel agent.

This greatly decreases the initial investment and expense of acquiring a Dubai tourism license. The 300-square-foot minimum requirement has also been eliminated.

Documents needed to obtain a Dubai Tourism License

  • Application form
  • Applicant’s passport (copy)
  • Proof of educational and professional qualification of manager
  • The Company owner and the manager should produce a certificate that endorses no criminal record.
  • Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC.
Who should apply for a tourism license?
  • Travel firms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Car rental firms
  • Travel agents

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