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How To Set Up A Foodstuff Trading Business In Dubai?


Dubai has established itself as a culinary location. Because the Emirate is home to residents from so many different countries, it is not surprising that a vibrant and diversified cuisine scene has developed recently. We outline a step-by-step process for starting a foodstuff trading business in Dubai, UAE, in this blog.

You can find restaurants selling just much every type of food you want from anywhere in the world. This implies that trading in food products is a potentially profitable venture.

Why is Now the Ideal Time to Start a Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai?

You can import, export, and sell a variety of foods and beverages in the UAE with a license for foodstuffs trading, including:

  • Cooking oils
  • Malt
  • Flour Juice
  • Mineral Water
  • Meat Products
  • Spices
  • Soft drinks.

Dubai foodstuff Trading Business Regulations

A foodstuff trading business license in Dubai will ensure that adequate means are provided for transporting and holding the food as well as for providing facilities for food transport, such as moving vehicles, bins, and boxes, in order to protect food from pollution, such as dust and smoke, to protect damages, and with it, a proper food setting is given.

  • The container must be made of a substance that will prevent contamination from occurring.
  • The mover needs to be sanitized and germ-free.
  • The food items must be set up in appropriate partitions.
  • The right air, temperature, and humidity conditions to keep the food items fresh
  • There must be a temperature gauge in the container.

How to Get a Foodstuff Trading License in Dubai?

As previously said, Dubai has a bustling restaurant industry, and the city’s numerous eateries frequently import high-quality food from around the globe. There is no chance that demand won’t increase in the future because supermarkets want to provide delicacies from other nations to satisfy their worldwide clients.

A trading license for a foodstuff Business setup in Dubai must be obtained after completing a number of processes. Here’s a brief description of what they are:

  1. Register a Trade Name

Choosing a name for your company is one of the first and most crucial steps in starting one. While selecting a name in Dubai, there are a few laws that must be taken into consideration.

First of all, it must be special to your company—it cannot be the same as one that already conducts business here. Second, it should go without saying that the name cannot contain any offensive or blasphemous words.

Last but not least, if you intend to use your own as the company name, it must be your first and last name; initials or abbreviations are not allowed.

  1. Choose a Location for Your Foodstuff Company

The selection of your location is a crucial step in the development of a food business. Your request for a business license will be denied if the warehouse or storage space does not adhere to regulatory regulations.

There are many conditions that must be met to comply with the standards, including making sure that all containers are of the highest quality, are free of contaminants, and are properly divided to prevent the possibility of contamination.

In order to keep food fresh, technology must also be in place to monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions around the clock, seven days a week. Also, a plan must be in place for routine warehouse cleaning to keep it sterile.

  1. Prepare for the Costs

In Dubai, the cost of starting a foodstuff trading business cost as little as AED 7,800*. But you must account for additional expenses while creating your budget.

For instance, there are expenses associated with obtaining work permits and other documents, whether for you, your family, or any potential employees. Connect with us for a personalized estimate and further details.

Of course, there are a variety of other expenses to take into account when starting a food business, such as purchasing or leasing real estate, outfitting the space with equipment, employing personnel, and stocking shelves.

*Prices are subject to change. Kindly connect with us for confirmation.

  1. Obtain a Business Permit

A commercial license is required to operate a food business. You must submit an application and all necessary documents and accompanying evidence to the Dubai Department for Economic Development in order to obtain a license.

In addition, a license for trading in foodstuffs is needed; this license must be renewed annually. Although some foodstuffs will fall under sub-activities in the trade license, such as juice or mineral water commerce, you also need to carefully evaluate what operations the business will engage in and which foodstuffs you will be selling.

Also, prior to engaging in any actions that are not permitted by your food dealing license, you must obtain external clearance. Here, hiring a company setup specialist’s assistance can be beneficial.

These professionals can guide business owners through the process and ensure that all forms and paperwork are completed accurately the first time around, preventing delays in the business’s ability to begin operations.

  1. Finalize the Visa Application

Making sure your visa is approved requires completing a medical exam, registering for an Emirates ID, and having your visa stamped by the appropriate authorities, among other steps. Entrepreneurs with a UAE company license may also sponsor visas for members of their immediate family.

Depending on the size of the business, how it is organized, and your income, if you wish to apply for dependant visas, will determine how many visas you are eligible to apply for.

  1. Open a Business Bank Account

The creation of a business bank account in Dubai is one of the last phases of the procedure. In the Emirate, there are many banks that offer business banking services.

Although the UAE has strict banking regulations for foreigners that are intended to stop money laundering, if you have the necessary paperwork and a solid business plan in place, the bank should be willing to create an account for your company.

Start Your Foodstuff Trading in Dubai with Us

In the history of Dubai Mainland, there has never been a better moment to start a business. The legal framework in Dubai has been created to be flexible and business-friendly, and the procedure for establishing a business there has been made simple for everyone – whether they are seasoned business owners or first-time entrepreneurs.

Although starting a business is complicated, there are professionals who can help entrepreneurs apply for the licenses they need to open a foodstuff trading business in Dubai. Reach out to the business specialists at PATELS, who can help with every element of the startup process.