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What Does Employee Relocation to the Dubai?

Move smoothly without worries. Our employee relocation to Dubai service handles everything, letting you focus on the important stuff. Employee relocation to the UAE is a process where workers move to the UAE, including cities like Dubai, without needing a special moving visa. The key requirement for this move is usually a work permit. This permit is what allows employees to be transferred and work within the same company group in the UAE. It simplifies the process for companies wanting to bring their team members from different countries to the UAE.

Getting a work permit for the UAE has become simpler, making it easier to move workers to Dubai. You’ll find out all you need to know in the next few lines, with details provided by PATELS. We will guide you through the whole process, ensuring you understand every step. This way, you’ll be fully prepared for employee relocation to the UAE.

How to Move Your Employees to Dubai

Moving a company to Dubai means you need to have a business running there first. Sometimes, a company from another country has to open a local office before anything else. This is an important first step to get things going. After setting up the office, you can start moving your employees and setting up your business operations in Dubai.

For workers from other countries, the company they work for must take care of getting the right visas and permits. Also, the company has to pay for these visas. Here’s how a company in Dubai can bring its employees over to work there, focusing on the freelance visa in Dubai. 

We offer a freelance visa in Dubai, making it easier for individuals to work on their terms in the city. This visa is a great option for those looking to have more control over their work-life in Dubai.

  • First, the employer needs to get a thumbs-up from the Ministry of Labor. 
  • After that, the employee gets a visa from the Ministry that lets them come into the UAE and stay for the first 30 days. 
  • When the employee lands in Dubai, they have 60 days from their arrival to get a resident visa. 
  • Right after the employee gets to Dubai, the employer begins the process to get a work permit, which is also called a labor card.

After the health check-up, the employer begins the process to secure a residence visa for the worker. This is an important step for them to officially live and work in Dubai. For more information on getting a residence visa, click here.

Thanks to the latest services, getting a work visa, even for moving employee relocation to Dubai, now takes only 3 to 7 days. This quick process helps companies and workers save time. It makes moving to Dubai for work a lot smoother and faster for everyone involved.

employee relocation

Papers You Need to Prepare for Moving Workers to Dubai

Here are the documents you need to get a work permit for moving an employee relocation to Dubai:

  • A job contract with the company in Dubai.
  • Copies of the person’s passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate if they have one.
  • A copy of where they’ll live in Dubai, like the lease or rent agreement.
  • Proof that the person has enough money to live on in Dubai.

As part of our moving services for companies in Dubai, we can also help with getting your documents ready.

If you’re looking to move to the UAE with a different kind of living permit, our office team in Dubai can help you out. For more details, please visit our website, PATELS Documents Clearing Services.

Business Moving Services in Dubai

When a company wants to bring employees to Dubai, there are many steps to follow. Our lawyers in Dubai are here to help all kinds of companies, whether they are in the city or in special business areas, with this process. We also help international companies that have offices here with everything they need to move their workers to Dubai.

We help with making the papers needed for moving employees to Dubai and its special business areas. We also provide legal help for different situations that come up. If you need an employment visa in Dubai, we offer this service too.

Facts About Jobs in the UAE

Recent numbers show that in 2020, there were 1.06 million workers in crafts and similar jobs in the UAE. Most of these workers were found in these areas:

  • 1,099 people had basic jobs;
  • 1,064 were craftsmen or in similar fields;
  • 722 worked in selling things and providing services;
  • 15,000 were experts in farming, looking after forests, and fishing.

If you need help with moving your company to Dubai, just reach out to us. We’re here to make corporate relocation easy for you. Get in touch with us today for all your relocation needs.