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The procedure to get a Dubai Freelance Visa and permit in 2024

Dubai has become a popular place for freelancers from all over the globe. It’s known for its growing economy and wide range of job options. For freelancers to work in Dubai, getting a Dubai freelance visa is a must. This document provides a simple overview of how to get this visa. To get your Dubai freelance visa, you’ll learn about what’s needed and the steps to follow. This makes it easier for freelancers to start their journey in Dubai.

What’s a Freelance Visa or a Freelance Permit in Dubai?

In 2024, a Freelance Visa in the UAE and a Freelance Permit in Dubai let people work on their own in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). These permissions allow people from other countries to do freelance jobs in the UAE, as long as they fit certain rules and follow the laws. Depending on what kind of visa or permit you get, you can work in different jobs like media, teaching, or design. This all depends on the rules set by the UAE government and the specific areas in Dubai that are free zones.


Guide to Getting a Dubai Freelance Visa Permit in 2024

In 2024, anyone looking for freelance jobs in the UAE, no matter their skill level, can get a freelance permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). This permit lets them work from any place in the UAE or even from around the world. It opens up lots of chances for people to find different kinds of freelance work. This way, freelancers can pick projects that match their skills and interests, making it easier for them to grow their careers.


New Dubai Freelance Options in 2024

In 2024, Dubai is set to introduce a variety of UAE freelance permits, designed to meet the needs of different professionals. These permits allow freelancers to work on their own legally in the city. You’ll find permits for many kinds of jobs. This means more people can choose the freelance path that suits them best, from creative fields to tech and beyond. It’s a great way for individuals to find work they love and for Dubai to welcome talents from all around.

Permit for Freelance Work:

The Freelance Work Visa in Dubai is a flexible choice that lets people from other countries work on their own in Dubai. It’s great for lots of jobs like writing, graphic design, and web development. This visa is perfect for those who want to work freelance and don’t want to start a company. It opens up opportunities for them to work with different clients and grow their freelance careers.

Visa for Investors and Freelancers:

Dubai has a special Visa for people who want to invest and freelance at the same time. This Visa connects your freelance work to owning part of a company in a Dubai-free zone. When you set up a small business in one of these special areas, you get a freelance visa. This lets you handle your freelance projects through your own company. It’s a great way to combine investing in Dubai with the freedom of freelancing. This approach offers the best of both worlds: growing your business while working on projects you love.

Visa for Media Freelancers:

People working in creative jobs like journalism, photography, and content creation can look into the Media Freelancer Visa. This special visa is made just for folks in these creative areas, helping them make the most of Dubai’s lively media scene. With this Dubai freelance visa, creatives get the chance to grow and find exciting opportunities in Dubai. It’s a way for them to legally work on their projects and be part of a community that values their talents. This visa opens doors for them to work on various projects and connect with other professionals in Dubai’s dynamic media world.

Registering for a Freelancer License in UAE

The Dubai Virtual Company License is a great choice for freelancers looking to set up shop online in Dubai without having to rent a physical office. This option makes it easy for entrepreneurs and freelancers to do business online, letting them work with clients and partners not just in Dubai, but all over the world. It’s a smart way to start and grow your business in a modern way, without the extra cost of a physical space. Plus, it opens up lots of opportunities to connect with new people and expand your reach.

Freelance Permits for Women:

Dubai now offers special freelance permits just for women, aiming to boost female entrepreneurs and freelancers. These permits come with special benefits and support, making it easier for women to go after their freelance dreams. With this step, Dubai wants to make sure women have all they need to succeed in freelancing. Getting a Dubai freelance visa has become more accessible for women, opening up more chances for them to work on their own terms and build their careers. This move is all about giving women the tools and encouragement they need to shine in the freelance world.

Visa Options for Tech Freelancers:

Dubai is thinking about bringing in Tech Freelancer Visas to draw in tech experts. Even though this visa might not be ready yet, it’s smart to stay updated on any news about it. This could bring exciting chances for tech professionals to work in Dubai. Keeping an eye out for updates on the Dubai freelance visa can help tech freelancers prepare for potential opportunities in the future. It’s an exciting development that could open doors for tech talents looking to work in Dubai’s thriving tech scene.

Dubai freelance visa

Benefits of Getting a Dubai Freelance Visa

Discover the advantages of holding a Freelance visa in Dubai. Obtain your Freelance Visa and enjoy a host of benefits in Dubai.

Freedom of Choice

The greatest thing about freelancing in Dubai is the freedom it offers. There’s no rigid 9-to-5 schedule, and you’re not tied down to working for just one company or person. You have the power to choose how and when you work, making freelancing a game-changer for your career. Getting a Dubai freelance visa opens up even more possibilities for you to enjoy this flexibility and take control of your professional journey.

Low Investments

Another advantage of freelancing is that you don’t have to spend a lot on things like office space or ther expenses. Youcan work from your own home, so there’s no need to worry about renting an office or spending money on commuting. This makes getting into freelancing much more affordable compared to starting a traditional business. Plus, you can save money on other overhead costs, making freelancing a budget-friendly option for many people.


Applying for a Dubai Freelance visa

Easily navigate the process of getting your freelance visa in Dubai by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official Dubai Visit Visa Online website or email to find all the information you need.
  2. Reach out to their team for personalized guidance and support as you apply.
  3. Fill out the visa application form accurately, making sure it reflects your profession and business goals.
  4. Submit your application online, and the Dubai Visit Visa Online team will guide you through document verification and the remaining steps to obtain your Dubai freelance visa.



Getting a freelance visa in the UAE opens up exciting opportunities. This visa lets people pursue their interests, start successful businesses, and enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. Plus, it allows them to contribute to Dubai’s vibrant economy. Reach out to the Patels Document Clearing Services team to start the process of getting your Dubai freelance visa. They’ll help you secure an affordable visa and provide support every step of the way.

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How To Get A Freelance Visa In Dubai?

To obtain a freelance visa in Dubai, you must first apply for a residency visa. This requires a sponsor, such as a company or a family member. Once you have a residency visa, you can apply for a freelance visa permit through the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority. This permit allows you to work as a freelancer in Dubai. You will need to provide proof of your qualifications and experience, as well as a business plan and financial statements. It is important to note that the process can take several weeks and requires a significant amount of paperwork.


Types of Freelance Visa in Dubai

There are different types of freelance visa in Dubai, as per the latest updates announced by the government.

  • Freelance visa and work permit in Dubai for residents
  • Freelance visa in Dubai for non-residents
  • The Dubai talent pass
  • Green residence for freelancing and self-employment

Benefits of having a freelance visa in Dubai

Freelance visa in Dubai can bring several benefits to individuals looking to work independently or start their own businesses. Here are some advantages of having a freelance visa in Dubai:

  1. Legal work status: With a freelance visa, you have a legal work status in Dubai, allowing you to work independently and offer your services to clients without any legal concerns or risks of working illegally.
  2. Business ownership: Freelancers with a Dubai freelance visa have the opportunity to establish their own businesses, enabling them to have complete control over their work, clients, and income. This freedom allows you to shape your career and pursue your entrepreneurial goals.
  3. Tax benefits: Dubai does not impose personal income tax on individuals, including freelancers. This means you can retain a significant portion of your earnings and allocate them towards business growth or personal savings.
  4. Flexibility and autonomy: Freelancers have the flexibility to set their own working hours, choose their projects, and determine their rates. This level of autonomy allows you to maintain a work-life balance and cater to your personal preferences.
  5. Access to Dubai’s business ecosystem: Dubai is a vibrant hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, with a diverse range of industries and a thriving business ecosystem. Having a freelance visa grants you access to this ecosystem, providing opportunities for networking, collaborations, and exposure to potential clients.
  6. Reputation and credibility: Obtaining a freelance visa can enhance your professional credibility and reputation. It signifies that you have met the necessary legal requirements and possess the skills and expertise required to operate as a freelancer in Dubai.
  7. Sponsorship of family members: Depending on the specific freelance visa category, you may have the option to sponsor your family members, including your spouse and children, to live with you in Dubai. This allows for a cohesive family life and creates a supportive environment for pursuing your freelance career.
  8. Access to banking services: Holding a freelance visa can make it easier to open a bank account in Dubai, which is essential for managing your finances, receiving payments from clients, and conducting business transactions.

How to apply for a freelancer permit and visa in Dubai

To apply for a freelancer permit and visa in Dubai, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Determine eligibility: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the Dubai government for obtaining a freelance permit and visa. These criteria may include specific qualifications, professional experience, and other requirements related to your field of work.
  2. Choose a freelance permit category: Dubai offers several freelance permit categories based on professional activities such as media, education, technology, design, etc. Determine the category that aligns with your skills and intended freelance work.
  3. Business setup: Decide on the legal structure for your freelance business. You can either set up as a sole proprietorship or establish a company under a free zone, which may have additional benefits and requirements. Research the options available and choose the most suitable setup for your freelance work.
  4. Obtain necessary documentation: Prepare the required documentation for your application, which may include:
    • Passport copy: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months.
    • Passport-size photographs: Follow the specified dimensions and guidelines.
    • Education and professional certificates: Provide copies of your relevant qualifications and certifications.
    • Portfolio: Compile a portfolio showcasing your work and previous projects.
    • No-objection certificate (NOC): If you are currently employed in Dubai, you may need to obtain an NOC from your employer stating that they have no objection to you freelancing.
  5. Apply for the freelance permit: Submit your application for a freelance permit to the relevant authorities or the free zone authority if applicable. Include all the required documentation and pay any necessary fees associated with the application.
  6. Obtain the freelance permit: Once your application is approved, you will receive the freelance permit, which allows you to legally operate as a freelancer in Dubai.
  7. Apply for the freelance visa: With the freelance permit, you can proceed to apply for a freelance visa. The process may involve medical tests, Emirates ID application, and additional documentation. Consult the specific requirements and procedures with the relevant authorities or your visa sponsor.
  8. Entry into Dubai: Once your freelance visa is issued, you can travel to Dubai and enter the country. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you, including your passport, visa, and any supporting documentation.
  9. Visa activation and renewal: Upon arrival, you may need to complete additional steps to activate your visa, such as medical tests or Emirates ID registration. Be aware of the visa validity period and ensure timely renewal to maintain your legal status as a freelancer in Dubai.

Freelance visas in Dubai cost

There are separate costs involved when applying for freelance visas in Dubai.

  • Freelance permit (valid for 1 year): AED 7,500
  • Establishment card (valid for 1 year): AED 2,000
  • Employment visa (valid for 3 years): AED 2,750
  • Employment visa (valid for 5 years): AED 5,000

If you are applying for a residence visa in Dubai (valid for three years) outside the UAE, the costs are:

  • AED 3,330 (Normal)
  • AED 3,900 (Express)

For those applying from within the UAE, the costs are:

  • AED 4,960 (Normal)
  • AED 6,340 (Express)

Please note that the above freelance employment visa costs include medical test charges, visa stamping charges and the Emirates ID fee.

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